Easter Message

By the grace of God we have been found worthy to receive, one again, the light of Christ’s resurrection in our hearts and in our souls.

On the night of the Lord’s Resurrection, as well as throughout the Pascal season, Orthodox Christians sing, time and again, the hymn of Christ’s victory over death and Hades: Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and those in the tombs bestowing life. By so doing, they re-affirm their faith and hope in their own resurrection and victory over death and the evil forces.

As the assurance of our own resurrection, Easter is the foundation of Christianity, the “Feast of feasts” that opens the doors of Paradise and brings reconciliation between man and his Creator.

On behalf of the Church Board and the Ladies Auxiliary, I’d like to extend to all of our parishioners and supporters a Blessed Pascha, filled with joy and happiness!


Fr. George Bazgan

Click here for Pastoral Letter IPS Nicolae on The Feast Of Our Lord’s Resurrection 2013.

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