Parish Organization

The purpose of our Church is to preserve and preach the Orthodox faith, to celebrate and administer the Holy Sacraments, as well as other services, to provide spiritual assistance to all of our members and to guide them on the path to salvation.

The Romanian Orthodox Church of Edmonton Saints Constantine and Elena is under the canonical jurisdiction of the Romanian Orthodox Archdicese in the Americas (, whose hierarchs (Archbishop and Vicar Bishop) are members of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Our parish is organized and functions according to the Statute of the Archdiocese.

The Parish Board of Directors is elected every two years by the Annual General Assembly. The Board meets every month (more often if necessary) to discuss matters pertaining to the administration of the parish, to analyze the reports presented by various committees and to set the vision for the parish.

The Ladies Auxiliary is constituted of the ladies of the parish who are willing to contribute their time, effort and input for the welbeing of the community. The Auxiliary is led by an Executive Committee, elected by the Annual General Assembly. The Auxiliary is dealing with the catering and sponsors a variety of fundraising events throughout the course of the year.

The Ladies Auxiliary extends a warm invitation to all the ladies of the parish to come and join them in this most valuable ministry to the Church!


President: Ion Mieila
Vice-President: George Moss
Secretary: Luminita Stefanescu
Treasurer: Corina Elena Sasu
Auditor: Petre Dorobantu
Director: Petrica Lacatusu, Stefan Mocanu
Parish Priest: Fr. George Bazgan
Cantor: Viorel Ciocan.

From left to right:
Viorel Ciocan, Petrica Lacatusu, Corina Elena Sasu, Ion Mieila, Fr. George Bazgan, George Moss, Luminita Stefanescu, Stefan Mocanu, Petre Dorobantu.



President: Psa. Maria Bazgan
Vice-President: Delima Iftody
Secretary: Camelia Babos
Treasurer: Carmen Luca
Catering Chairman: Valeria Bazgan
Members: Pearl Demchuk, Mirela Pîrvu, Marieta Mieila, Stefana Mocanu, Mariana Diaconu, Gina Lacatuşu, Ruby Swekla, Darline Shelemey, Adriana Căpinariu, Gabriela Luca-Dămian, Flori Zerfass, Elena Sterea, Adriana Mocanu, Vasilica Ionescu, Veronica Ciocan, Adriana Căpinariu, Camelia Babos, Geta Rinchiţa, Mariana Poenaru, Magda Forner, Gabriela Dinca.

Bottom row, from left to right:
Marieta Mieila, Valeria Bazgan, Carmen Luca, Psa. Maria Bazgan, Delima Iftody, Pearl Demchuk.

Middle row, from left to right:
Gabriela Luca-Damian, Flori Zerfass, Elena Sterea, Adriana Mocanu, Vasilica Ionescu, Veronica Ciocan.

Top row, from left to right:
Adriana Căpinariu, Stefana Mocanu, Camelia Babos, Geta Rinchiţa, Darline Shelemey.

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