Saturday May 25
Symposium: Servants and defenders of the faith and Romanian national values.
– 9:30am: V. Rev. Fr. Mircea Panciuk: Justin Moisescu, Patriarch of Romania.
– 11:00am: V. Rev. Fr. George Bazgan: The Orthodox Church – the soul of the Romanian village.
– 1:30pm: Mrs. Veronica Ciocan: The Christian Family in the context of the contemporary progressive society.
– 6:00pm: Vespers.
Sunday May 26
– 8:30am: Matins.
– 9:30am: Blessing of the glass stained windows.
– 10:00am: Divine Liturgy.
– 12:30pm: Memorial Service for the Church Founders.
– 1:15pm: Anniversary Banquet.

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