Short Presentation

The Sunday School program has a long tradition (approx. 40 years) in our parish. It began with the enthusiasm and dedication of some of our members who volunteered their knowledge and effort for the religious education of the young members of our parish: Darlene Romanko, Darline Shelemey, etc. The beginning was a difficult one, due to the shortage of teaching materials, lack of proper space, etc.

In 2008 our parish was fortunate to welcome among its new comers two young ladies with credentials in the field of religious education: teachers Veronica Ciocan and Ileana Gavris, both with a degree in Theology, who received the torch from the previous dedicated volunteers.

Under the guidance of Fr. George Bazgan the two teachers established a curriculum in accordance with the religious education program of the Romanian Orthodox Church, adjusted to our local situation. They provided the books and the teaching materials, many of them being brought from Romania.

In 2010, with the assistance of the Education Commission of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas, lead by Fr. Daniel Ene, our school adopted the Guidelines for the Organization of the Sunday Schools and the generalized curriculum for the entire Archdiocese.

The general objective of the Sunday School program is to give the students the opportunity to learn about the Orthodox Faith, to begin implementing the Orthodox values in their own lives, to become familiar with the spiritual and cultural values of the Romanian and Canadian peoples.

Specific objectives:
1. The knowledge and the love of God as the fundamental principle of man’s salvation.
2. The knowledge and the adequate use of the language of the religious values.
3. The knowledge about the Holy Tradition, the religious traditions and the Church history.
4. The implementation of the Christian values and the consolidation of a religious and moral lifestyle.
5. Learning how to accept, tolerate and respect other creeds and practices.

The educational activities of the Sunday School program consist in lessons about religious themes according to the Archdiocesan curriculum, the annual contest on knowledge about the Faith “The Religious Olympiad,” public presentations on various Feasts (Christmas, Easter) and community events (Church anniversary).

The school program is available to all Orthodox children whose parents/legal guardians are members of the parish.

The students are divided according to age:
– Group A: 4-7 years old.
– Group B: 8-12 years old.
– Group C: 13-18 years.

The teaching takes place every Sunday after the Holy Communion (approx. 11:30) in the Sunday school room next to the parish office.

We appeal to all parents to register and bring their children regularly
to the Sunday School, which is so important
for their spiritual and moral upbringing!


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