Church History

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Over the years, there were other milestones in the life of our parish. Some 20 years ago an addition was built, which constitutes the stage for the main Hall, with the office area above it, and the spacious entrance to the church (the foyer), guarded by the bell tower.

In 1989, the new parish priest, Fr. George Bazgan, came from Los Angeles to Edmonton, having the difficult task of building upon the solid foundation laid by the founders of our church and by the Boian pioneers.

In 2001, Florin Vlad, an iconographer and church artist from Romania, newly established in Edmonton, was awarded the contract to paint the entire ceiling of the church in the Byzantine style, the acrylic technique. One year later, on May 19, 2002, on the occasion of the 30th Church Anniversary, His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph of Paris, Locum Tenens of our Archdiocese (at the time), in an atmosphere of joy and jubilation, blessed the newly painted church ceiling.

The Byzantine painting adds not only artistic value to the church but also links the visible and the invisible worlds together in this cosmic offering of praise and adoration to our loving God who is the creator of the whole universe.

One year later, the entire Altar was also painted by the same iconographer.

This beautiful and delicate Byzantine “tapestry” transcends time and space and provides comfort to the minds and souls of those who cross the threshold of our church with the sincere desire to renew or strengthen their communion with God and pre-taste, here and now, His heavenly and eternal kingdom. Those who have found in their hearts the goodness and the spirit of sacrifice to contribute with the fruit of their labor towards this beautiful project have become co-founders of this church, contributing thus to the continuation of the dream and vision of the forever-remembered founders of the parish in 1948 and of the church building in 1972.

In 2004, the church received a much needed transformation through the creation of the three archways between the vestibule and the church itself, which reveals the beauty of the hand-carved iconostasis and the Byzantine painting as soon as one opens the door. This area was also adorned with the beautiful Byzantine painting in 2005.

Today, Canadian-born Romanians and their families, together with many families of new immigrants from Romania, participate every Sunday in the Eucharistic celebration as well as various social and cultural events. We have a Sunday School program and a Romanian Orthodox Youth Association (ROYA).

As we continue to be inspired by the faith and vision of our ancestors, in accordance with the spirit and practice of the Orthodox Church, it is fitting to close with two liturgical petitions, which are an indication of the Church’s eternal gratitude for those who made the promotion of the Lord’s Gospel a top priority of their lives: “O Lord, sanctify those who love the beauty of Thy House” and “May the Lord God remember the founders of this holy church in His Kingdom. Amen.”

Heartfelt thanks and deep apprreciation to our dedicated members and supporters!

May God continue to shed His Grace upon us, His humble servants!

Fr. George Bazgan

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